Project Bitmxittz [Bitcoin Market Xper's Interactive Trade & Tracking Zonoid]

An inter-active trade tracking zonoid for bitcoin market experts.

Bitmxittz is unique program to trade/track global bitcoin markets at single place.

Bitmxittz is a program tracks all trades of bitcoins from exchanges and markets globally.

This progrm collects all bitcoin trade data and transactions from global markets and exchanges using api.

This program shows bitcoin price variants on different markets/exchanges with different currencies with it's volume and orders.

This program has auto trade feature to trade bitcoins.

Sell with buy-back feature which allows users to place sell order with profit margin and instant buy-back from other exchange or market in same fiat currency or different one.

For example you have bought 1BTC on exchange A at $2000 and you have $2000+ fiat at exchange B, now if you have set buyback sell order with 5% profit margin, when program finds that exchange A has buyer of 1BTC at $2100 and exchange B has seller of 1BTC at $2000, program will send sell request at exchange A and buy request at exchange B using api, and you can make $100 without moving your fingers.

This is just simple example of selling BTC with buyback at 5% profit margin with same fiat currency at both exchanges.

You can use revulationary features of this program like auto selling of BTC with one currency and buyback with same or other currency with profit.

You can place continuous auto margin trading on selected exchanges.

Continuous margin trading places orders automatically when criteria is matched and earns you money without any efforts.

There are many more options for trading bitcoins in different ways with different currencies with auto trade features.

Currently beta version of program is working at 65% accuracy and will be fully developed with over 90% accuracy by end of this year.

There is beta version of this program currently build for private use, maybe launched in market for sale or as open source by next year.

For more info about Bitmxittz program/chain, becoming partners/merchants, exchanges/exchnagers and for buying/selling of Bitmxittz coins contact via contact portal or mail at

Update (UTC 27 Sep. 2017 15:04:15) As we said earlier Bitmxittz (Bitcoin Market Xper's Trade & Tracking Zonoid) is long term Project.

Bitmxittz Program is not just a software to track and trades BTC nor just a Trade BOT.

Bitmxittz is a unique program to track BTC transactions/trades/transfers/holdings globally or geomatrically.

Active Graphical view and depth explaination of BTC network/holdings and travels of BTC.

Interactive BTC data analyser to detect and provide BTC price algorithm in real-time to users.

Usefull to collect/analyse any BTC data globally/geomatrically according to your needs.

Allows users to trade directly to your favourite exchange using API without any intermidiate or any risk.

One can trade BTC with different fiat currency on BTC exchanges.

Margin trades, auto trade of BTC with multiple fiat currencies on your favourite exchanges.

Usefull to track, calculate, compute or analyse BTC network/trade/mining data.

Program will fetch all BTC data from single server to analyse instead of collecting data from 1000s of servers.

There will be unlimited uses of program Bitmxittz in many ways like trade, track, calculate, compute or analyse BTC network.

Bitmxittz program will be usefull for small traders, big traders, investors, exchanges, exchangers, analysts, speculators and all others are involved in BTC network.

Bitmxittz program located on server collect all BTC data globally and sends to licensed version of Bitmxittz installed on your computer from where you can

You can calculate, compute, analyse, track data for your needs and trade on your favourite exchange using API without any intermediator,

You can store/send/receive BTC using Bitmxittz on you PC.

Store BTC locally offline using Bitmxittz.

Bitmxittz's simple and easy integration features useful to run your own BTC web wallet service.

Bitmxittz to Bitmxittz BTC deposit/withdrawal without any transaction fee.

Bitmxittz built-in BTC miner to mine BTC with using less hashpower.

Bitmxittz mining feature to confirm your own transaction block or selective blocks, useful for stuck or frozen transactions.

We have paused Bitmxittz program development since Bitcoin Cash hardfork and waiting for SigWit hardfork in Nov 2017.

We will resume development only after success SigWit hardfork in Nov 2017.

We might need to rebuild based structure of program Bitmxittz to provide correct BTC data.

Below are some snapshots of program Bitmxittz (BETA) window.

We can not disclose all features before launch, we have to keep secret about some features and how it will work untill launch of Bitmxittz Program.